“This company has changed my life. Literally. I used to use a recorder and painstakingly go through meetings to get the salient points. When I ran out of time, I turned to transcriptionists. They captured everything that was said—most of which I didn’t want to re-read.

Then, I tried GetNotes. It feels like I’m reading my own notes. Somehow, they’re able to train smart people to find just the salient points, write them down, and organize them so that in minutes, I can get the gist of an entire meeting. I get a to do list with assigned players which is very helpful going from thinking to action. I get a summary of the meeting, each section, and key quotes when appropriate. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad they do. Now, many of our design sessions go through GetNotes so that we can get on with our business.”

Mike Wittenstein

International Speaker & Consultant
Founder of StoryMiners

“Over the years I have transcribed audio and video files using a variety of methods, and I can easily say that I’ve found GetNotes software the best to work with.

It is remarkably functional. First and foremost, it’s great to have the audio file situated at the top of the working text file, which cuts down on the back-and-forth that’s common in other systems and a source of frequent errors. GetNotes allows the transcriber to focus on the task at hand.

Also very helpful are the notes from clients, which provide background to what’s happening in the interview or meeting being transcribed, and important context for the transcriber. I have also found the audio quality to be excellent when using GetNotes.”

Ted Schellenburg

Owner of TedWords Transcription

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